So what is News Hues?

With the aid of Artificial Intelligence, News Hues streamlines the creation of news explainers, in-depth news analysis visualizations, and interactive news infographics – featuring interactive 3D animated worlds and maps.

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"News Hues is awesome."
Johannes Wekholm

Guide Magazine

Let AI Do the Heavy Lifting for You!

AI is being used throughout the different stages of the production workflow to shorten production time and assist news producers.

Natural Interface

News Hues allows you to create your story using voice commands.

Turn Your News Script to Visuals

News Hues AI can automatically transform your news story script into a 3D visuals.

Automatic Generation of Animation

Your characters and objects can be automatically animated with News Hues AI.

Why  News Hues

Get Ahead of the Game

Enhance your brand, increase and retain viewership, have a faster response to news events, provide deeper coverage of news

Small Production Team

You don’t need a big team to create your story. You only need one person!Read More »

Low Production Cost

You no longer need the usual huge production budgets to create your story, it will cost you 10% of the traditional cost.Read More »

Short Production Time

Have your story out in as little as 30 minutes.Read More »

No Experience Required

You no longer need a team of experts to bring the news to life. No Expertise or high specialization needed.Read More »

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